Marrying A resident of Nigeria? Ways to get a Green Card for the New Spouse

What direction to go and the best place to get if you should be a U.S. resident or resident marrying some body from Nigeria

If you’re marrying some body from Nigeria, and intend to sponsor the new wife or husband for a U.S. green card (lawful permanent residence), listed here is some essential appropriate and practical information.

(Warning: this is certainly an overview that is general of the method works well with a lot of people. Your position may involve problems or be eligible for exceptions; see legal counsel for the full analysis.)

Immigration Eligibility Centered On Engagement or Wedding

First, a small background on U.S. immigration legislation. Wedding up to a U.S. citizen or legal resident that is permanent foreign-born people a primary way to U.S. immigration. As opposed to popular rumor, but, the international nationwide doesn’t instantly or immediately have the straight to immigrate, nor U.S. citizenship .

Through the application process if you are a U.S. citizen, your new spouse becomes your “immediate relative,” and may receive a green card as soon as the two of you make it. This may just simply take 6 months to a or even longer year.

If you’re maybe not yet hitched as well as your fiancй(e) remains in Nigeria, it is possible to, if you should be a U.S. citizen, petition for the fiancй(e) to enter the U.S. for a K-1 visa to get married into the U.S.—and in that case your new partner can put on for an eco-friendly card (“adjust status,” utilizing Form I-485 ) if desired. You may want to elect to get hitched first in Nigeria or any other nation, then submit an application for an immigrant visa with which to go into the usa. (This visa could be the same in principle as a green card. The card that is actual show up some days after your fiancй(e)’s entry into the united states of america.)

If you should be a legal resident that is permanent your brand-new partner turns into a “preference general,” in category F2A, and british women may get permanent residence into the U.S. just after an immigrant visa or green card just after room for a permanent resident in category F2A becomes available centered on your partner’s ” concern date. ” yearly limits on the amount of people who are able to be permanent residents in each category and from each country create this delay, which fortunately, at the time of late 2018, is mostly about couple of years for people form Nigeria.

Permanent residents cannot petition for fiancй(e)s.

Summary of getting an eco-friendly Card According to Marriage

The program process for the green card based on wedding involves numerous steps, such as for instance publishing kinds and papers and attending an meeting with U.S. immigration authorities. The goal of all of this is to show:

  • the status regarding the U.S. petitioner ( as being a resident or resident that is permanent
  • that a legitimate wedding has happened (or will happen, when it comes to a fiancй visa)
  • that the marriage is bona fide (not really a sham getting a green card), and
  • that the immigrant isn’t inadmissible towards the U.S. for medical, unlawful, economic, or other reasons. (See Inadmissibility: When the U.S. could Keep You Out for details.)

Procedurally, you might do have more than one choice as to where and exactly how you use, as described below.

Procedures Whenever Applying for a K-1 Fiancй Visa

In the event that you as well as your meant (whom lives away from U.S.) never have yet married—or you two have actually held a friendly ceremony that doesn’t count as an official wedding into the location where it had been held—you can use with this temporary (90-day) visa with which your fiancй(e) can go into the U.S. and contain the wedding.

The U.S. resident begins this technique by filing a petition on Form I-129F with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration solutions (USCIS). After USCIS approves this petition, it’ll arrange to move the situation into the U.S. consulate in Lagos. Your fiancй(e) will submit an application for A k-1 visa through the consulate. This requires submitting types and papers and attending a job interview by having a official that is consular. You, the petitioner, are permitted to attend this meeting, though it isn’t required.

After your wedding into the U.S., the new partner can put on to USCIS for the card that is green through a procedure called modification of status (the principal form which is why may be the I-485 ) . Both of you will go to a green card meeting at a regional USCIS workplace.

Procedures for your partner in the future From Nigeria for an Immigrant Visa

If you along with your wife or husband have previously hitched, along with your partner is in Nigeria, you’ll begin the green-card application procedure by filing Form I-130 with USCIS, to show that both of you are actually hitched and therefore you will be a truly U.S. resident or permanent resident. (See planning A i-130 visa petition for the Immigrating Spouse of U.S. Citizen or Preparing an I-130 Visa Petition when it comes to Immigrating Spouse of the U.S. Permanent Resident .)

After USCIS approves the I-130, partners of U.S. residents can continue on with visa processing.

Partners of U.S. residents that are permanent hit a wait . they will have to wait roughly couple of years (based on amount of need within their category) for the visa to be accessible to them ( a continuing concern date ). The great news is that by the time you obtain approval associated with I-130, some, if you don’t all, associated with eight months may have passed away. USCIS will ahead your file to your NVC, that may let you know if it’s time to apply.

Next, your foreign-born spouse goes through consular processing for an visa that is immigrant. This means your spouse submits paperwork to, and attends a job interview at, a U.S. consulate in Lagos. (The U.S. petitioner may attend, but is not necessary to.)

Upon approval, your better half enters the U.S. for an immigrant visa, of which time she or he turns into a legal resident that is permanent. Assuming you have compensated the $165 green card production cost, the green card comes within the mail many weeks later on.

Where in Nigeria the Interview May Be Held

Even though the U.S. currently has two consulates in Nigeria, located in Abuja and Lagos, all immigrant visa choices are built in the consulate in Lagos. (Fiancй visas, which theoretically aren’t visas that is immigrant are processed these were immigrant visas, therefore the only spot to get one is in Lagos.)

The NVC allow you to understand if your case file is used in Lagos and instruct yoo on about what doing next. Partners and fiancй(e)s can find instructions at also

In case your spouse occurs become staying in a nation apart from Nigeria, the consulate there may likely end up being the someone to manage the scenario.

Procedures If The Spouse Has Already Been into the U.S.

In case your spouse stumbled on the U.S. legitimately (such as for instance for a student or fiancй visa or being a tourist), he or she might be eligible to use status . The primary kind for this really is USCIS Form I-485. The both of you shall go to an meeting at certainly one of USCIS’s field workplaces.

Information regarding USCIS areas or solution facilities can be bought at its internet site, ( didn’t commit visa fraudulence using the nonimmigrant visa specifically to go into the U.S. and use for the card that is green. See dangers of Entering the U.S. as a Tourist, Then trying to get Marriage- Based Green Card for details.)

If you should be a U.S. resident, no matter whether your better half is with in legal status when you look at the U.S. once you use. However if you’re a permanent resident, your partner should be in appropriate status.

an added major consideration for partners of permanent residents wanting to adjust status: before you decide to can put on, you need to reach the leading associated with waiting list we talked about earlier in the day. Unfortuitously, the us government may not let you know if your delay is over—but you are able to figure it down your self. USCIS has a internet web page which explains just how.

In case your partner entered the U.S. without assessment or simply by using a fake visa, or has ever been deported through the U.S., your circumstances is much more complicated than this short article can deal with. You have difficulty getting a card that is green your better half, though it is really not impossible. See an immigration lawyer for details or for those who have any queries about whether you qualify to modify status.

Stepping Into a Legally Valid Wedding

Irrespective of where you marry, you will have to get yourself a certificate that convinces the U.S. immigration authorities it took place that it was legally recognized in the state or country where. Here are some recommendations on doing that.

Getting Documentation of the Valid Marriage in Nigeria

When you yourself have hitched, or want to get hitched in Nigeria, you certainly will first want to consider Nigeria’s needs for appropriate wedding to a noncitizen. The consulate might be able to give you some guidance, or even a attorney that is local. Nigeria’s Marriage Act is also available on the internet.

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