How to play retro games on PC

Several decades ago, you could not even dream of getting your hands on Pokemon or Mario in case you did not have a console. If one of your buddies did, he became a favorite person in the course. Now, things have gotten much easier. With emulation, you can easily transfer iconic retro-games into Windows, Mac, or Linux computers in a few minutes.

how to use emulators on pc


The emulator is the program that reproduces the performance of the console and maps it to your PC. Some gamers also prefer to utilize extra mapping tools which have broader customization options. The majority of emulators also perform the functionality of mapping software providing basic settings.

Turning your computer to a retro-console is simply 1 part of the procedure. You also need the game record, ROM. It’s a ripped-off variant of an official game that is compatible with the emulator.

Emulator substitutes your games console and ROM plays the functionality of this game cartridge.

There’s definitely no such thing as the lack of emulator option in the current market. The trendiest consoles have several emulation tools for different levels of user experience. The challenge arises when you want to determine which one of dozen accessible picks fits your PC.

  1. NES on is one of the most emulated consoles out there and there are a whole lot of emulators to choose from. The operation is fairly simple the setup requires less than 10 minutes. Advanced settings include various graphics styles, cheat integration, and screen recorders. Nestopia is a good beginner’s option it’s fast and efficient.

For emulation experts we recommend looking into FCEUX ( This one goes farther than a simple emulation installation you can also hack a new ROM and alter an existing file in HEX editor. 

  1. SNES9X is our favorite emulator of all Super Nintendo at killerroms. The tool proved to be compatible even with rare ROMs and contains a ported version for each popular OS. The emulator even offers a mobile version and can be synchronized using Android and iOS smartphones. In terms of universality, it is your best shot.
how to play old pc games

By operation, company wins with no doubt. The emulator’s functionality does wonders that the program handles big ROMs without one error. That said, the tool requires a strong CPU so that’s more of a professional alternate.

  1. SEGA SYSTEMS at killerroms. Here, your intention is to find the console which will encourage all common Sega consoles Game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD so that you won’t have to download one also for every one. We found this type of solution and it is Kega Fusion, one of the fastest Sega emulators on the market. This emulator boundaries the amateur and professional grounds, offering simple customization in addition to advanced settings for pros. 
  2. SONY PLAYSTATION on Playstation is the emulation leader of this current market, and getting overwhelmed by offers is a real chance. We tested every popular tool on the market, and finally chose PCSX the most functional PS emulator with cross platform aid. The tool is frequently upgraded and analyzed, getting better with each new release.

 ROMs are divided into two main classes homebrew and official models. Which ones are better? Let’s take a look.

Homebrew ROMs are created manually by enthusiasts who adapted the official version to a particular OS or emulator. These files are not supported by multiple OSs and usually are considered illegal. However, they’re free and well-designed so that’s a plus.

Our favourite source of ROMS is scph1001.bin download library. It is universal and detailed especially if you’re a PlayStation fan. Download emulator for Playstation 2 offer on

You can get ROMs in online libraries simply google the name of the console and add the keyword’ROMs’ or visit You’ll see large catalogs of gaming files with descriptions and screenshots of every ROM.


When you’ve set up the emulator and downloaded ROMs, the initial step to transferring the functionality would be keyboard configuration. You need to assign the purpose of the console to certain keys on your computer.

In first game capsules, the data was automatically recorded at exactly the same documents which were linked to the sport files. Emulators create separate files for progress updates. SNES (, for instance, makes an SRM file together with the player’s progress. You can exchange these files with others, copy data on multiple devices, or reset all tasks that are performed.

Emulation allows benefiting from technological progress while retaining the essential experience exactly the exact same. It is simple, fast, and very pleasurable; you only get through the installation stage after the matches will be ready to go in a matter of seconds.

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