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    Perfect for body shops. Diagnostic Menu Read Codes Erase Codes View Freeze Frame I/M Readiness Vehicle Info. The air bag diagnosis sensor unit will monitor for opens and shorts in detected lines to the RH side curtain air bag module. 4 and Motronic 1. If you live in the USA, then it's covered by Honda (regardless of the age of the vehicle), if Mercury vehicles made after 2005 require a scan tool to read the codes, configure the controller and/or clear the light. Innova 3160 automotive scan tool is compactly designed and very easy to use. At such a great price, you stand to benefit a lot from this scan tool. Then there’s the other method of solving the SRS light issue. Can read and display LIVE engine data and read, display, erase ABS codes and definitions for most domestic vehicles 1996 - 2008. Disconnect your vehicle battery. The Innova 3160g has just about everything you could want, including 3. A special code reader tool is needed to read what the fault is (as well as, to clear the code and turn the light off). There will be a code to be read from the computer to enable telling which part/circuit is - 1995-2001 Honda CRV SRS light on dash borad. I have reset/cleared the srs module by useing the MES connector and the the light returns immediately with the same code 52. What codes will be indicated when I try and read the codes? The 3140e will retrieve ABS codes, on most 1996 and newer GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda vehicles. or does it reset by its selfBMW 325i On a 3. For both cars and some light trucks 3. SRS Installation components include: airbags, all seat belts, the clock spring, impact sensors and fuses. Click on this link to learn more about the product before purchasing. So, if you see two long flashes and five short flashes, you have a Code 25. W140 Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) – Models with M119 Engine Only! The pages in this document have the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) for the following models, all of which have M119 V8 engines with LH-SFI (LH Sequential Fuel Injection): 1992-1993 400SE, 400SEL, 400SEC (4. RESET COMPLETE! 9. I saw another unit that said it could do domestic make SRS. Kinda like resetting the oil 'timer' now. These codes can be read right from the Vehicles itself, without the use of a scan tool. Amazon. Cheap price with free shipping Its not abs its SRS which stands for supplemental restraint system fancy wording for Airbags use a scan tool to get codes stored then diag based on the code description or take to a qualified shop for repair,most times when airbag system sees a fault and light comes on it will keep airbags from deploying until fault is fixed which means if your in an accident good luck because your airbags may Now push the button for one second and read the codes again, you should get 1-1-1 (no faults). Automatic Refresh. Factors such as age, heat, vibration and water damage can cause the computer to fail and turn on the warning light. Intermittent Check Engine Light: If the check engine light on your 1995 Camry is intermittent, try to take note of the conditions when this happens. How to Reset the SRS Light on a '93 Honda Accord. Count to flashes to determine the code A particular trouble code can be identified by the number of four-digit numeral flashes. Contact SRS . and then go off. Jun 25, 2012 2003 C320 - SRS light came on along with 1 malfunction and "take it to . The free updates ensure that the tools are always up-to-date. I have Torq Lite but that don't do it. Read codes until first code displayed appears again. Service Reset Enables the resetting of service lights, service mileage, and service intervals on a range of vehicles including the latest BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VW/Audi, Fiat, etc. Watch your "check engine" light. Might as well be a foreign language! At some point in time (earlier than 2004 models) the ability to see diagnostic codes in the driver information display was removed. Clearing Trouble How to Read & Reset Volvo 850 ABS/SRS/Service Light I wish dealerships extended the courtesy of turning off proprietary service and fault code reminders on older vehicles. B1049 Nissan Description The driver air bag module is dual stage and wired to the air bag diagnosis sensor unit through the spiral cable. (SRS) Supplemental Restraint System Malfunction codes The supplemental restraint (SRS), more commonly known as the "air bag" system will flash the highest priority code on the air-bag lamp on the dash with no need for any pin in the Diagnostic box to be grounded. Q:will this product read srs codes on a 2008 chevy aveo ? A:Yes, it will. This scanner saves your money and time because you can quickly check your car with it just by yourself. Read and erase codes on all four systems: ABS, SRS, engine and transmission f Read Airbag/SRS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota vehicles (See website for full coverage) f Read ABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota vehicles (See website for full coverage) f Graph two PIDs (live data items) at the Best Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS Warning Light,Quick Test On The Engine System,Read Codes,Erase Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,Retrieving I/M Readiness Status OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive review 960 and 1994-95 940 cars can read the codes directly by inserting the OBD selector cable into DLC B position 6. When I tried turning the car key on and off and then the scanner on and off it caused about 15 codes to show up on my DIC. Features the ability to read and erase ABS (anti-lock brake) and SRS (airbag) codes on most popular, newer-model vehicles (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota & Honda). Erase codes by pressing the button for at least five seconds, wait until the LEDs light up, then press again for at least five seconds. Choose English, French or Spanish for easy and quick use Every long flash is a digit in the "tens" place in the code, and a short flash is a digit in the "ones" place. I have found one app (Carista) that will connect with a generic dongle and read ABS codes, but cannot do so for a Tacoma according to the specs. The most common causes of an SRS light is bad connections and plugs. -----Q:I have a creader viii and the sd card is bad. If you have issues using it, you may contact their excellent and friendly customer support team. light with a simple OBD II scanner which gives you the check engine light codes. I just dont like when people assume that we are here just to screw people, and no you cant read the Srs codes with out having access to the HDS, you could on the older models by just jumping the service connector 1. Read all the codes until they start to repeat themselves. He quickly agreed that for the seat belt switch it would be completely free. Generic OBDII code readers can't get the Volvo specific codes (lots of them) Looks like under $200 and I'm buying one So SRS-0012 and SRS-001C is stage one and stage 2 of the driver side air bag. Once the ECM is in Diagnostic Test Mode II, the "Service Engine Soon" warning light will start flashing. Going to read codes then clear codes doesn't work. Locate the 16P Data Link Connector (a. That sort of thing. . SOURCE: 206cc airbag light on and airbag fault When the airbag light (SRS) is on or blinks it means a fault has occurred in the system and the airbag diagnostic monitor has disabled the system, the most common problem that turns the light on is a break in the connection to the steering wheel mounted airbag, this is due to a rotating ribbon contact that breaks under the steering wheel that OTC 3111 PRO Features. On my 2003 Civic LX coupe, it is mounted in the driver's footwell, a little inboard and below where the driver's right knee would be. On some cars, the codes will read out if the engine light is on - all you have to do is put the key into the RUN position. Th air bag fails internally causing this light to come on. Then refer to the table below to get the meaning of each code. Unlike OBD codes SRS DON'T go away if you repair the problem. There’s no need to memorize the format of the codes because you can read the codes with the free version of the OBD Auto Doctor car diagnostic software. Autel AutoLink AL609P Pro OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS Diagnosis Auto VIN Automotive Scan Tool Read Erase Check Engine Fault Codes. Count the number of flashes to read the codes. It only has to be able to measure 0 to 12 volts. When you turn the ignition switch ON (II), the SRS indicator will At first I was unable to to read the ABS/SRS codes. You Must Read All Codes before Clearing. Erasing SRS Memory. An OBD2 scanner is a tool that is connected to the OBD2 port in your car. With the functions of reading / deleting problem codes and displaying data in real time, you can discover what is wrong with the ABS and solve the problem in time. Below you will find the most complete list of Mazda trouble codes available. Often they will not reset after just one, or even two readings. ONLY codes from the DM will show using the built-in LED, you cannot read codes from the HFM-SFI, EA/CC/ISC, SRS, etc from this LED. There are many OBD2 scanners on the  This ABS/SRS code reader was easily read and erase trouble codes on their  The OTC 9450 Bilingual OBD2 Scanner, ABS Code Reader, and Airbag (SRS) Read, display, erase Airbag (SRS) codes and definitions for most domestic  Launch CRP429 OBD2 Scanner Scan Tool Full System Code Reader 8 Reset Creader VIII OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool ENG/at/ABS/SRS Code Reader… Sep 8, 2015 Second Generation TL (1999-2003) - Read SRS codes without a scan to the dealer - Found this while trying to diagnose my SRS light issue. 3 cars and it will not read their engine codes. It is almost always near the driver’s side, under the dash. An airbag module reset tool will not erase crash data or hard codes - our service will! Airbag module reset software may erase some soft codes, but will not reprogram the SRS module to the original condition. The diagnostic code is read by counting the number of blinks on the appropriate light. I Have Snap-on scanner and just dont know how to read that blinking SRS - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda AutoScanner Plus CodeConnect with ABS and Airbag Coverage SOFTWARE FEATURES Compatible with ALL 1996 and newer import , domestic, diesel and hybrid vehicles (OBD II & CAN), as well as 1994 and 1995 OBD II compliant vehicles This looks like the best OBDII tool for our Volvos as it reads all the codes and can reset them. You can also read the DM blink codes by using a separate LED impulse counter code reader at pin #3, or with a digital scanner. The DTC feature will tell you about the issues that are interfering with the deployment of the airbags or why the SRS light is on. 4. Exit and re enter SRS for each action. To reset the ABS usually just fix the problem area and the light will reset automatically. SRS Home . SRS Fault Codes Toyota Hilux The self-test codes are read out in the same way as the others, in terms of the number of flashes of the “SRS” indicator when the terminals “TC” – “E1” of the DLC1 connector under the hood or “TC” – “CG” of the DLC3 connector under the dashboard are switched on and the ignition is switched on. Steering Angle Sensor Test: If the sensors of the steering are replaced, CRP129 deletes the memories of previous sensors and replaces them with new. Volvo hidden menu and DTC check Check the Volvo hidden menu for DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) in your car electronic modules. This code is can also be set when overcharging or low battery conditions occur. FOR SRS: SRS is an important measure to prevent any impact or injuries caused by impact between the failing occupant and the interior of the vehicle during a crash event. Errors in the code produce warnings when the report runs. It can also be a circuit failure so I always check the connections of the circuit first. Since the light remains on there is a fault other than the buckle. – endolith Jun 14 '11 at 15:12 The code is 7-2 "Internal failure of SRS unit". This diagnostic tool allows you to read/ clear codes, read live data in Supplementary Restraint System to ensure the airbag system works fine. Codes will appear in ascending order. 2L M119. It covers a wide range of domestic, Asian and European. Mar 24, 2011 Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX is not obdII compliant, you can manually pull codes from the computer by jumping the dianostic connector witha  Jan 9, 2014 The acronym SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System which is the proper name for the Airbag System in your vehicle. ZR8 OBD2 Code Reader with Live Data. "The CRP129 will only read/erase fault codes from Engine, ABS, Transmission & SRS. When the battery voltage is low in the airbag, code 12 appears. It will begin to flash. We are working with the Website Committee in promoting the value The first step to read the codes is setting the ECM in Diagnostic Test Mode II. Unit of Measure Use UP/DOWN scroll button to select Stored Codes or Pending Codes from the Trouble Codes menu and press ENTER button. " What do The scanner offers a complete array of OBD2 diagnostic functions. You have CEL code 1 for the O2 sensor. It's a bug in icarsoft. We’ll help you find exactly what you need. Read More Asked in Honda Odyssey The SRS light will blink two times to let you know it's erased and then it'll go off. Hope it helps. Read these from socket 2. if so can you send it to me OBD2 scanner can read fault car code and reset SRS. If DTCs are stored the SRS will then begin to flash the codes, the main code is flashed first, followed by the sub-code. Step 4: Watch the SRS and write down the codes. 8L VVT-i yet my ELM 327 scanner does not retrieve any fault codes pertaining to SRS/Airbag. YOU MUST RECONNECT THE YELLOW TWO PIN CONNECTOR TO THE FUSE BLOCK WITHIN 10 SEC WAIT!! 8. Then at the bottom you have a button that (RED) allows you to send the information to a report I'm not willing to pay what the dealership wants ($135) just to hook up their scanner and read the code. 800. Learn more. You must remember a Code reader is not a Scan Tool. Circuit Low The Innova 5100 CarScan ABS/SRS reads Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) codes on most 1996 and newer domestic, Asian and European cars, light trucks and SUVs on the road today. It will generally show information including rotations, pressure. g blurdriver) claim that they can read and clear abs and srs codes, so I'm wondering whether a cheap elm327 based ada Where can I find a list of the SRS codes and what they mean Looking for a web site Thanks, 2002 S 430 - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic Instructions on how to read Vehicle Diagnostic / Fault Codes for Toyota Airbags Scan Tool for Codes and Live Data for your Toyota Airbag (SRS) from $149. The car has never been in an accident and the air bags have never been deployed. Use Your IPhone to Scan Vehicle Codes and Read Sensor Data: With the use of a very cheap (10$!) adapter you can use your iPhone as a diagnostic tool to figure out your vehicle's check engine light, clear the codes, or view sensors (such as temperatures, oxygen sensor readings, and vehicle speed). This obd2 scanner can reads and erases DTCs for ABS, SRS(Airbag), Engine and Transmission on most 1996 and newer major vehicle models Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes and pending codes. In Design view, right-click the design surface outside the border of the report and click Report Properties. if light is Then exit the SRS menu, re enter SRS then read codes. This one is a cheaper method compared to taking the car to a mechanic. The control units measure the airbags carefully and it does often monitoring it between 2-5 ohms. Therefore, if you were using the SRS tool, it will still not read your 91 525i. There will be a long pause between codes. Added features of battery & alternator tests; Can check the performance of a vehicle’s charging system. 4, the differences are shown in blue italic. Also read, display, erase Airbag (SRS) codes and definitions for most domestic vehicles 1996 - 2008. Not sure if the Torq Pro upgrade will do it. This tool supports all 10 test modes of OBDII tests to provide a complete diagnosis. 4 system. Plugged it into my 98 Corvette which had a DTC stored (you can read the DTCs on the C5 Corvettes on the DIC (Dirver Information Center) ) and it still didn't see the code. SRS light off again, unplug the SCS tool within four seconds. I then cleared the codes and the SRS light went out. If the buckle was the fault the SRS light would stay on for 30 seconds after engine start but would go out. Can read and erase ABS & SRS light trouble codes. With anti-lock braking system ( ABS) and safety system ( SRS ), the scan tool is definitely one of the tools to protect the interests of the user. Locate the Memory Erase Signal (MES) plug in the fuse box on the driver side, under SRS Visit Workshop! Keep on reading to understand how to troubleshoot and reset the SRS light. I checked the codes again and it only output one. Each trouble code will be displayed 3 times before the next trouble code is displayed. Purchase a 2-pin SCS Service Connector at an automobile store. Difficulty Scale: 2 of 10. May 23, 2014 Remember to disconnect the 12v battery for 5 minutes before working on srs system. I'll definitely check it tomorrow as I'm too tired to run back outside for a 3rd time in the cold night. We do offer the code reader and reset tool for the airbag (SRS) system. lol After I read and cycle back through the codes a few times on both the OBD and SRS when it's time to clear the codes, do I put the probe in each port and erase or do I leave the probe out and it will 9450 OBD II Scan Tool, ABS & SRS Code Reader There are currently no updates available for this model. Got an SRS/Airbag red light permanently ON in my Avensis 1. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was and continues to be Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car. The SRS light is there to tell you when something is wrong with your airbags, but sometimes it'll stay on for no reason. The car’s manual should list where this is located if it is not there. any Have a 95 coupe the SRS light has been on since I bought it. It does not read Related: Launch CRP129 Review: ENG/AT/ABS/SRS EPB SAS Code Reader. $90 is This vehicle does not use Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's). OTC OBDII/CAN/ABS/Airbag (SRS) Scan Tool OBD2 EOBD Code Reader 3111 Top 3 Reasons to get OTC OBDII/CAN/ABS/Airbag (SRS) 1. If the SRS light should blinks twice indicating the code/codes are cleared. You could also drive it to your mechanic workshop to read it for some bucks. If Step by step guide on how to retrieve trouble codes from Lexus vehicles manufactured before 1995 OBD - code table included. A Chevrolet dealer, mechanic or yourself can read the airbag codes to find out why the airbag light is staying on. Meanwhile, this scan tool does not have an internal battery. It can be a very low cost, simple meter. Through language combinations, there is a guarantee that the machine can provide data in a user-defined language. I had to replace the whole SRS unit in the 2000 Accord EX I  Jun 14, 2011 I also managed to read the SRS codes. Honda issued a service bulletin that points out that a problem in the front passenger’s side airbag inflator or the drivers side airbag inflator isn’t the airbag assembly in the dash or the steering wheel, as many techs assumed. al301 al319 al419 al519 al609/al609eu al619/al619eu ms609 The SRS light originally came on about a year after I had purchased the Ody. The oil reset feature provides step-by-step reset procedures. 971 engine) How to Diagnose with Foxwell NT630 ABS&SRS Reset Tool March 24, 2016 Sales foxwellsupport. Refer to our Generic OBD II code list for definitions on all other Jeep diagnostic trouble codes. Turn the ignition on without cranking the vehicle again. Press button once to select DTM 1 and read out the codes. The diagnostic trouble codes will be displayed by the check engine lamp. It quickly solves many car problems and leaves the owner Mazda Check Engine Light Codes. How to Troubleshoot the SRS DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) The self-diagnostic function of the SRS system allows it to locate the causes of system problems and then store this information in memory. SRS Mission & Vision. In this guide, you will find instructions on how to read and clear Chevrolet airbag codes. Thoroughly reading and understanding the SRS failure code is important. CanOBD2 Code Reader with ABS & SRS: Works with any car, light truck, minivan, SUV or hybrid manufactured since 1996 (OBD2) — foreign and domestic; Patented, 2. Test for fault codes. 2. Get the best deals on SRS Automotive Code Readers & Scanners when you shop the largest online selection at Erases Codes. Normally, to get codes, you put the key on OFF and then rapidly do OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON (on some cars you have to do four or five, not three, OFF-ON cycles). (Note: Code 1 is one short flash, Code 10 is one long flash) The Innova 31603 code reader does a great job of reading ABS and SRS codes. Advanced Search; Forgot Username? Remember Me? Step 3: Read the codes in the computer. I can read the codes but has to be brought here. OTC 3111 PRO ABS SRS Scan Tool Reviews 2018 This is quick and effective as it reduces the technician’s need to enter certain car codes for the scan to proceed Read and erase codes on engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS It supports DLC location hints/DTC help/Data stream display/Historical data record, and playback Supports O2 sensor test on-board monitor test and EVAP system test Some TCS codes have only a main code and no sub code. Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS Warning Light,Quick Test On The Engine System,Read Codes,Erase Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,Retrieving I/M Readiness Status OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive You have a bad SRS computer. Autel AL619 Autolink Engine, ABS, SRS Auto OBD2 Scanner Car Code Read Codes,EraseCodes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,Retrieving I/M Readiness Status. The LaunchTech is more than a generic scanner as it not only can read the Trouble Codes for the Engine but can also read and erase codes for the ABS, SRS Airbag, and Transmission. So, can someone point me to a solid scanner capable of reading the SRS codes? I went by O'Reilly's and their scanner did not pick up any codes, so I guess I need a special one. You can do it with an OBD2 scanner. Moreover, it is designed to read, store, and play live sensor data and powertrain control module (PCM) data stream. For a slightly higher cost, you are paying for a well-equipped diagnostic tool that can go beyond just basic code reading. If the seat belt functions as-designed, but the belt warning-lamp is on. This OBD2 diagnostic tool is a professional level scanner that is perfect for the DIY repairman if you need to read and clear ABS/SRS codes. I will "check battery/system voltage" and try resetting it. I then reset the code and the SRS light went out. Recent Posts. It enables the user to graph two live data parameters at a time. de and got following codes. Very few code readers read the SRS codes and the usual auto stores free services do not either. As long as the air bag light is on the system is not working, so if you crash the bag won't work. Do I need a special scanner that can read those fault codes? Once the repair is correctly done the SRS light will reset itself. Start by clearing the CEL code from the ECU to see whether it repeats. It also has ABS/SRS and Bluetooth for vehicles. Fact Sheets. The only way to get codes on the SRX is with a code reader. Once you fix the issue, the scan tool will clear the code upon your request. Its 2. The self-test codes are read out in the same way as the others, in terms of the number of flashes of the “SRS” indicator when the terminals “TC” – “E1” of the DLC1 connector under the hood or “TC” – “CG” of the DLC3 connector under the dashboard are switched on and the ignition is switched on. It can also read SRS, ABS, and transmission fault codes. When I started the engine, the SRS light came back on and stayed on. The MaxiCheck AbsSrs is specially designed to help you determine why the Malfunction Indicator Light or the ABS / SRS warning light is on. The srs light should come on for 6 sec. Scanner read NO CODES. This video will show you how to diagnose ( troubleshoot ) the ABS , AIRBAG ( AIR BAG ) SRS light on your Honda Accord. also how do i reset the SRS light. I tried reading the DIY thread on how to read codes but I still am unsure what code this is? Seat belt malfunctions are covered under the warranty for the life of the car, so there should be no cost to get it fixed at the dealer. On the info for the free version it states The paid version has more features (HorsePower,Torque, 0-60 , quarter mile tests, graph data, map / track views) + no adverts and exra dial/display types! ANCEL AD610 Elite Automotive OBD II Car ABS SRS Code Reader Airbag SAS Engine Diagnostic Scan Tool Crash Data Reset Scanner Airbag Module reset & Seatbelt repair Our goal is to provide quality reset and repair service Visit shop Get in touch Welcome to SRSModule Airbag Seatbelt service Our shipping address:SRSModulePOBox 26Freeville NY 13068 If you have questions: Call us today: 1. off and wait 10 sec before turning ign on again. For example, a code 12 will be displayed by the check engine lamp flashing 1 time for approximately 1. What I noticed with my i980 is some times I have to re-enter the module menu from the main menu in order to clear codes. 2 seconds, the sub-code flash lasts 0. Read on to find out more… Knowing which scanner to use to read ACURA fault codes can be tricky. 33 sold. Code Wire colour Code Wire colour B Black P Pink BR Brown R Red G Green SB Sky blue GR Gray SI Silver L Blue V Violet LG Light green W White O Orange Y Yellow If a cable has two colours, the first of the two colour code Hello, so i recently got challenged by my friend to beat him on something called readtheory and i kinda saw him cheat thru some code or something so i wonder if any of you guys know how to find answers in codes. How to reset the SRS using an OBD II scanner. It can read and erase SRS codes on a few cars, which is beyond the capability of some other scan tools. It is the only Zurich reader that can diagnose and erase SRS codes and lights and it is equipped with FixAssist®, which diagnoses the trouble code your vehicle is experiencing and provides the most likely solutions for repair, drawn from the vehicle manufacturer’s real-time field database. Hoping someone can confirm that this software/hardware will allow me to read SRS (airbag) codes on my 2015 CRV project car. Using this scan tool to read and clear fault codes is easy as it has a large LCD screen with a multilingual menu. A squib is simply the factory term for air bag. SRS Fault Codes Toyota Hilux. Features and Functions. with a seat belt code, then the warranty does not apply. Credit: Flickr. 95 The information below may apply to Toyota Cavalier, Previa, Spacia, Tundra and many other models The SRS indicator light comes on for about 6 seconds (performing a “bulb check”) and then goes off. Also, it covers different OBD II compatible car makes and models that were manufactured from 2006 and newer. Step 4: Record the codes that display. There’s no formula to decode these codes automatically. It is designed to work on most 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the USA, both import and Some common airbag fault codes include code numbers 12, 13, 14, 21, 22 and 23. Disconnecting the battery for a few hours and reconnecting it does not clear the airbag fault codes on Chevrolet vehicles. In general dealers charge a diagnostic fee to read them, typically $85 to $100, and in my case the dealer is 1 1/2 hours away. A standard OBDII scanner will not work for SRS codes. Before purchasing,I’d like to confirm that the paid version of Torque will read ABS codes on a 2000 Ford Windstar. I got a 9-2 and 15-3 but I had left the windows open and it had rained and wet the whole interior a few  Instructions on how to read Vehicle Diagnostic / Fault Codes for Nissan Airbags. Actron is the industry leader in automotive diagnostics, scan tools, and code readers. Honda Civic: How to Reset SRS Light. It is a small blue plastic square with 2 metal pins inside. Amazing deals on this Obd2 Code Reader With Abs/Srs Zr13 at Harbor Freight. If you are reading D4 codes: Codes 1 through 9 are indicated by a series of short flashes. Most dealers will still charge good money to turn off the unavoidable service reminder in a '97 850 . The ABS/SRS + CAN OBDII AutoLink ML609P is built to help you determine why the Malfunction Indicator Light or the ABS warning light is on. To verify failure: Delete fault stored in memory, operate vehicle for 5 minutes. Manufacturer Specific Codes. In this Innova 3160 review If the SRS Control Unit detects a problem in the SRS system, the SRS Indicator Light will remain ON until the problem is resolved and the SRS Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) erased. Where We Are. HONDA ACCORD. The cheapest tools of this caliber only display the figures while better ones give you a definition of the codes displayed ( in some models in three languages: English, French and Spanish). Make sure the ignition switch is OFF. Searching everywhere, let me know where else to look. Not all code readers are equal, some will only read the standard OBDII codes, not codes from airbags, radio, suspension, etc. Read ABS / SRS codes: The device can read ABS related codes such as malfunctioned sensors, bad wires. The other stuff like ABS and SRS it reads and resets well. Now with alpha-numeric displays built into the dashboards, I'd think we'd still be able to access them without a reader. 8 Fuel Injection Fault Codes (* denotes Check Engine lamp goes on). Autel AL619 is a useful scanner at a reasonable price. It can scan, read, and erase engine trouble codes. The SRS light refers to the Supplemental Restraint System which is also known as airbag system light. com. I'd rather buy my own scanner and go from there. To diagnose ABS and Airbag/SRS warning lights you will need a Level 2 OBD-2 scanner. It is easy to use as it comes with a large backlit screen. Could get real expensive, real fast. I would recommend that you read Chevrolet airbag codes yourself. Page 29 1) Use UP/DOWN scroll button to select Read Codes from Diagnostic Menu and press ENTER button. Most of the time it will set due to a open squib in the SRS circuit. I recently purchased an '03 toyota corolla, and noticed after purchasing my airbag light was on. Dunno, I guess if you were going to buy a OBD tool anyway, which can be 100 bucks, spending an extra 50 to get one like that which should be able to read your SRS code wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea. Order it for the vehicle you have, 60 bucks extra for different vehicle software. All of my references stop at 51. Its software can also be easily updated through the manufacturer’s website. CAUTION If the SRS Indicator Light fails to light, or is on continuously, the cause should be determined immediately. Failure to follow this step usually results in permanent damage to the airbag module. * The Peake SRS reader tool will not work on any BMWs prior to 1994. from what i've read, it should be either a black or white 8 pin plug thats under the driver side dash next to the green ones. 'burbs of Melbourne that could read & clear some SRS codes in my 06/2000 Discovery I've got the SRS lamp to go off a few times by cleaning the connectors under the seats but last time it stayed on. The Innova 3160 scanner Read and clear check engine lights on codes, Read and erase ABS & SRS trouble codes, Reset oil light on codes, Reset battery maintenance light & Initialization codes, Stream and record real-time live data and more. You can use an Analog Voltmeter, however you need to make sure it has an internal resistance of at least 10K ohms to be safe. 5″ Color Screen, live data the ability to read ABS/SRS codes and display other engine conditions that many tools don’t show. even when the belt is buckled, then the warranty does not apply. It is a computerized system that is designed to deploy airbags that cover the driver and passengers whenever there is an impact. 8 in. Mitsubishi It can also read SRS codes and identify faults in the system. The blink code system is capable of displaying a maximum of three codes. S80 1999 SRS service ugent light on, code 26, reset?? Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on the Volvo S80 model. Are you absolutely positive you are interpreting the flash codes correctly? They can be tough to read properly, and you did say you had 3 rapid flashes that you interpreted as a '10', but the flash code graphic I posted shows that a '10' is a series of 4 rapid flashes. does anyone know how to read the codes, if a reader is needed, please recommend one. We do not offer an SRS reader for the models prior to 1994. Can read, display, erase manufacturer specific codes and definitions for 1996–newer vehicles: (OBD II and CAN). VOL-FCR may or may not read engine codes. Aug 5, 2019 When your SRS light occurs, it means that you have an error stored in your The easiest way to find out this is to read the trouble code memory  Apr 15, 2018 Do most backyard mechanics need a code reader? It can read and erase ABS and SRS trouble codes on most OBD2 Domestic, Asian, and  I'm guessing that it will show a "non-functional" code; this is a common problem. The light will stay on as long as the fault is present. Step 1 - Locate the diagnostic connector (data port connector) under the hood, near the passenger side fender. The OTC 9450 (Bilingual OBD2 Scanner, ABS Code Reader, and Airbag/SRS Code Reader) quickly and accurately diagnoses the cause of the check engine, ABS and SRS airbag malfunction indicator lights. The air bag diagnosis sensor unit will monitor for opens and shorts in detected lines to the driver air bag module including the spiral cable. Luckily, OBD Auto Doctor software contains the fault description for over 18 000 diagnostic trouble codes. There is an update version available of this scan tool. If there is a failure in the sensors, SRS unit, inflator, or their circuits, the SRS indicator light in the gage assembly comes ON. There is no need to constantly restart the Innova 3150 to obtain up to date information from the vehicle. I had no idea that the SRS test port was hiding in the dash/center console. RESETTING THE SRS INDICATOR. Secure Quick Response codes were first developed by Yodo, a company operating in Japan, and are patent pending. If a malfunction is detected by the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) unit, the SRS indicator light in the gage assembly comes ON. Those are faults that trigger the Check Engine warning light on the dashboard. Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. To print diagnostic information stored in the tool, download the Scanning Suite application below. I'm working on a 1995 accord with the SRS light on. Find out more INNOVA 3100 Review Bilingual OBD II Scan Tool, ABS & Airbag (SRS) Code Reader Take the guesswork out of engine, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) repairs. Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS Code Reader with Full OBDII Read Enhanced Codes in Powertrain system for Ford, GM and Chrysler, ✓. Level 1 OBD2 scanners can only be used to retrieve fault codes from your ACURA Engine Control Unit. I ran a diagnostic test on it and the code b0108 appeared and stated I had a short in p squib (to b+) what does this mean, and what parts may I need to fix this. SRS light on again, reconnect the SCS tool within four seconds. Foxwell NT510 claims to do this in the 145-175 buck range, claims to read both ABS and SRS codes, interactive, lets you kick on the ABS pump for proper bleeding as well as other BCM stuff. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) and Airbag Enables a technician to read and clear trouble codes, and also reset airbag and SRS warning lights. color screen displays 20 data points at once and can be set in either English or Spanish. MINI Mini airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with a European Airbag specific scan tool such as Peake Research Corp, Maxdiag, Autel, OTC, Peake, Launch. Common issue with Civics. The Innova 3150 is equipped to read SRS system codes on most GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles. SQR codes may be securely read in a retail environment at the point of sale using 2D barcode scanners or even a low cost web camera. 8’’ LCD, built-in DTC lookup library, ML609P offers swift code reading function. Another way to read codes is to find the car’s assembly line diagnostic lead. A long time ago, we used to be able to read 'blink codes' by following some arcane series of actions. Fortunately Pep boys allowed me to return the code reader. Turn the ignition off and then start the car, the check engine light should be out. If the seat belt functions as-designed, but the SRS light is illuminated. 2 seconds, followed by a . com: code reader srs. Based on AUTEL’s latest diagnostic platform, it will diagnose ABS / SRS problems, perform various bi-directional tests, provide troubleshooter code tips and turn off the ABS / SRS warning light. Read Subaru SRS codes. SRS (Airbag) Reads and clears SRS (Airbag) fault codes and turns off the warning light . As our world becomes more Here firstly share the universal ABS SRS reset tools AutoLink AL619 and Foxwell NT630 test reports on what's working functions. SRS Troubleshooter Users Manual VEHICLE SPECIFIC SCREEN: Within this screen you have the ability to start the SRS diagnostics process with vehicle specific SRS codes, electrical testing procedures, how to access SRS codes, and component locations. – endolith Jun 16 '11 at 3:11 EEPROM re-programming consists of erasing crash data and hard codes found in the SRS airbag module by rewriting the original factory code into the memory. I have not tried yet on my daughter's S70 with the Motronic 4. Turn ign. Codes 10-17 are indicated by a series of long flashes for the first digit and short flashes for the second digit. Please refer to our coverage chart for more information. com Airbag/Oil Light Reset Tool 0 Foxwell NT630 AutoMaster Pro is one of the Foxwell tech products which specialized in ABS and Airbag reset. The code library features on tool and retains most recent vehicle scan. Each of these codes has a different meaning and can be discovered by running an airbag Summary: How to Read ABS/TCCM/PCM Codes Using a Terminal OBDii Interface Difficulty: Easy (mechanically), but medium computer skills are required Estimated Still they should have provided a history of codes. SRS History. Key off wait 10 seconds, key on, SRS light should come on for about six seconds and go out. The trouble codes in an SRS light is pretty precise and they do often describe the problem well. To reset the Airbag light after the repair is done see the how to reset airbag light on Honda accord on our site. Featured with ABS and SRS system diagnosis, 2. However, it will not retrieve SRS codes. Optional tools to reset the light: Professional: Airbag/ABS SRS light service reset tool MaxiCheck Best feedback from users: Launch CReader Professional 123 CRP123 Autel Maxidas DS708 (DS708 is will be a better choice if money is not an issue for you and you have many cars, for DS708 covers more vehicle and can read codes or diagnose on more Find the right scan tool you need. This tool will diagnose your ABS system, however Chassis & Body modules are not supported on this item. You could have a dealership reset the SRS, but it I have heard that this costs $80. Start Your Airbag Module Reset Order Today! ACURA 1999-2002 All Models Codes: Airbag diagnostic codes go up to 53, and some of the trouble codes are a shorted out airbag circuit, which is 13, and a short in the airbag's crash sensor circuit, which is code 14. Read & clear fault code in Airbag, turn off warning light of airbag to ensure that it is working correctly and safely. The Vehicles comes with an On Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer that reads and stores the trouble codes sent to it from sensors positioned throughout the Vehicles. When clearing codes, make sure to have the key in position 2. The cheapest scanners that you can get to read and clear Chevrolet and GM airbag light are in the $99-$150. 7. All codes are two digits. Scan Tool for Codes and Live Data for your Nissan Airbag (SRS) from  [Jay Simkin] Always read the codes three times before resetting them. How to read SRS codes on acura RSX '02. CEL codes are easy with relatively inexpensive OBD2 readers, SRS codes are not. For easier troubleshooting, this data can be retrieved via a data link circuit. After you read the codes, you should have the Vehicles repaired by a qualified mechanic. It has also spurred the growing movement of clinical trials abroad. As long as the SRS light is on the SRS will not function if you should need it. If you still have SRS trouble  Keep on reading to understand how to troubleshoot and reset the SRS light. Where the Motronic 1. A code reader is able to receive and display the codes sent by your car’s computer. OBD II connector). P1192 Inlet Air Temp. It will stay on for 6 seconds, then go off and the codes will then follow. Reading Diagnostic Codes on the 1991-1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT/Dodge Stealth by Jeff Lucius Introduction These instructions supplement the service manual's instructions on how to read the diagnostic codes on 1991 through 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth cars. Past B1150 - Occupant Detection Malfunction B1152 - OFF indicator open, driving circuit trouble Present B1150 - Occupant Detection Malfunction I have looked these codes up in the service manual (downloaded from T4R) and read them. Codes are displayed on the odometer. Ancel AD410 VS Ancle AD530 VS Ancel AD610 Elite; What is the Different Between Ancel AD310 and Ancel AD530? How to Use Ancel AD410 Reset Mercedes Benz Check Engine Light ON HOW TO READ THE WIRING DIAGRAMS - Wire Colour Codes A-9 WIRE COLOUR CODES Wire colours are identified by the follow colour codes. Engine System: Quickly determine the cause of the Engine System, turn off warning light. Tour SRS. When you get this code it is typically due to a failure of the passenger side air bag. Turn car ignition off. can i load the firmware to a new sd card? A:I would contact the seller or Amazon on that issue!-----Q:Can it read codes even without the check engine light? A:Hello, thanks for your question, yes, it can read codes. i've searched all under my dash on both sides for anything similar. HOW TO READ CODES SRS Codes consist of a main-code, and a sub-code. It can check ABS and SRS systems, read and clear codes and etc. Being able to store codes on the included flash disc is quite nice. its a 2005 impreza wrx. For ABS codes, you count the blinks on the "ANTILOCK" light. For safety reasons the manufacturer wants you to have the system checked out. 8-pin connector in front of the CAN box, near the 38-pin connector. Depress Start button for at least two seconds but no more than four seconds, read codes. If the fault recurs, the SRS Control Unit will need replacement. It includes I/M readiness and monitor testing. 2000 Mercedes E320 4 Matic. It reads and erases codes for ABS, SRS, engine and transmission. Welcome to the Mazda Check Engine Light codes page. The ABS/SRS + CAN OBDII DIAGNOSTIC TOOL AutoLink AL619 is built to help you troubleshooter code tips, the tool is truly ultimate in power and affordability. but i see nothing of the sort. The ZR8 streams live data and comes equipped with a trip cycle procedure. I have the dreaded SRS codes and need help figuring it out. If the airbag (SRS) warning light is on, this means that there is a fault in the system. You will be able to quickly and easily diagnose the cause of the check engine alert when it comes on, and of course any ABS and SRS indicator lights if and when they start to appear. We need a separate SRS reader tool for this. If Q:will this product read srs codes on a 2008 chevy aveo ? A:Yes, it will. This will help you with troubleshooting fault before connecting to diagnostic interface like VIDA DICE. To see them now, you have to use and OBD II scanner which can be purchased at many auto stores for various prices depending on how much you want to see and how much you want to be able to control. a. Read and clear codes on Engine, Transmission (A/T), ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems – on all makes and all models (16 Pin) Read and Record Data Streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine Support for all 10 test modes of OBD II with Enhanced OBD II Mode 6 View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status 9-1 No Code Faulty SRS or Supplemental Restraint System Indicator Circuit 9-2 Faulty SRS or Supplemental Restraint System 12 volt power or VSS supply or 12 volt power or VSS feed VB Line 10-1 SRS or Supplemental Restraint System Unit Replacement Code. In this video, we will show you how to use the iCarsoft i980 to reset the SRS on Mercedes-Benz cars manufactured after 1996. Wait at least 10 seconds after turning the ignition switch to OFF; this is important. If there is more than one code, there will be a longer delay between codes. UPC barcodes typically encode an ID assigned to the company that manufactures or sells the product, along with a code that the company assigns to that particular product. For airbag codes, you count the blinks on the "airbag" light. It may actually read the power train codes from the 4. 8" all-in-one color display screen shows 20 pieces of vital information all displayed at one time, including diagnostic trouble code(s) and their definition(s) in English, French and I bought my RSX brand new in 2005 and one day the air bag (SRS) light came on. It will also reset the stupid service engine Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS Warning Light,Quick Test On The Engine System,Read Codes,Erase Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame,Retrieving I/M Readiness Status OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Automotive 🎸 The Best Help Guide To Read When Learning About Buying Autel AL619 Autolink Engine/ABS/SRS Warning Light,Quick Test On The Engine System,Read Codes,Erase Codes,Live Data,Freeze Frame And apparently SRS is not a universal ability. the only plugs i see loose in the area instructed are the 2 green test mode/access port plugs, and this 6 pin plug with 4 wires going into it. Quality tools & low prices. Volvo 850 - reset SRS light - I replaced my speedometer with a used one, and now the SRS light will The OBDII will only read engine codes. Read the review below and take one of the 10 best OBD2 ABS SRS scanners in 2019. Hopefully this will aid some people in  I've listed out the best OBD2 Scanners with Airbag & ABS Diagnostics and OBDII In addition to reading and clearing DTCs, this airbag code reader shows live  Sep 24, 2018 However, you need to buy an OBD2 scanner that is capable of reading SRS light codes and resetting it. P1105 Open Or Shorted Condition Detected In The Baro Read Solenoid Control Circuit - Read Our Article on Automotive Circuit Testing For Help With This Jeep Check Engine Light Code. 2 TL Acura, the "SRS" Indicator Light stays on after the engine starts. Electronic systems can fail, including your SRS computer. This is the dash . The first step to read the codes is setting the ECM in Diagnostic Test Mode II. Innova 3100 one of the popular Diagnostic scanner for your car. A main code flash lasts 1. B0029 Description The RH side curtain air bag module is wired to the air bag diagnosis sensor unit. 3 seconds. Not only works on Mercedes-Benz cars will also work on most cars that you see on the road. 6 second pause, then 2 short flashes. For transmission codes, you count the blinks on the "O/D OFF" light. On top of that, this tool can support 4 main systems of Engine, Transmission, ABS and SRS with a live data stream that allows you to read, replay and graph the data, Get the job done faster with this speedy device that can read/clear codes, give DLC location/DTC help and easily determine what is causing the check engine light to be illuminated. EXAMPLE : 21-1 :: 21 is the main code, 1 is the subcode Here are all the possible codes An OBD2 Scanner with ABS and SRS is all you need to read and clear ABS or airbag codes. The Newsletter is aimed to disseminate information about SRS activities and opportunities in order to increase engagement of all SRS members in society activities. I have 2 Motronic 4. I think I'd try to read the code first, and then try to reset it. Then the light will flash the code. The video above shows how to locate the on board diagnostics (OBD) plug on your 1995 Camry, how to read the trouble codes and how to reset or clear the check engine light using a scanner on your Camry. Watch. Kicking this around. Review your SRS warranty to see if some or all of the repair costs may be covered. The Savannah River Site (SRS), a 310 square mile (198,046 acres) Department of Energy site, is located in the sand-hills region of South Carolina. There are scanners that do read/clear SRS codes, I have the Autel EU702 it does OBD, SRS, ABS, and Transmission There are a lot of bluetooth and wifi obd adapters but only a handful of them(e. I didn’t want to do that… The Innova 3150f is a great mid-range scanner with some amazing features to offer. If there are multiple codes, they may cycle through or you may have to press a button to view the next code. The optional battery power is available for saving data (battery power not required to use tool). Your have SRS codes 1-1 (driver's airbag), 2-1 (passenger's airbag), and 5-1 (SRS unit). Detroit Diesel Diagnostic If I recall correctly the SRS reset requires the SDS or equivalent. 4498 Our Services SRS Airbag Module Reset We offer crash data removal from SRS airbag … (SRS) Supplemental Restraint System Malfunction codes The supplemental restraint (SRS), more commonly known as the "air bag" system will flash the highest priority code on the air-bag lamp on the dash with no need for any pin in the Diagnostic box to be grounded. With a hot key feature for one-touch access to the menu and a vehicle health monitor LED to check emissions readiness, the ZR8 is easy to use - and affordable. Does anyone know a website where I can check my SRS codes to find out what is wrong? my airbag light is on in my 98 chevy malibu I took it to the dealer and got the codes read ( B1018, B1024, B1051, and B1071, is there a website where I can see what these codes mean. Use a scan tool like Maxdiag, Autel, OTC, Launch. It didn't read the code for the airbag. Multi function,such as read and clear fault data 2. there is multiple answers and i want to know how to find the correct one. To Read SRS Codes. You can use any standard digital multimeter to read the codes. Bluetooth app connect, Reset Battery Maintenance Lights and Initialize vehicle batteries. See Table 3 below for Regina fuel injection codes. How to Read 12 Digit UPC Barcodes. k. 8 codes are different from LH 2. Like I said, it does not troubleshoot the SRS codes and i read that I  Foxwell NT630 Elite Car ABS Airbag/SRS OBDII Engine SAS Reset Code Reader Full function OBDII Automotive Engine Scanner , read and clear errors. There is not way that I know that you can do that without a scanner. Table 1: Bosch LH2. Navigate to a heading called “Read Codes” and select it. It is always a good idea to check for codes, clear them and then drive the vehicle to see if they return before replacing parts. Read 2 Pontiac’s codes. The 53-33 code. I tried asking the dealer to read the code and they wanted $90 for 30 seconds of work. The codes are read, again, like the engine codes, but now on the Air Bag light on CRP129 also performs basic functions such as CEL Codes, Read and Erase DTC codes, Oxygen Sensor Test, Carbon Canister Test, Read Live Data, etc. Mileage Run Deals - How to read fare basis codes? - Can someone give me a quick lesson on how to read the fare basis codes? I just pulled up flight availability from aeroplan. The air bag light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. The first digit will be flashed, there will be a delay, and then the second digit will be flashed. The code definitions are a good starting point when determining the cause of the service engine light but where do you go from there? 76-77 SRS Control Unit Internal Defect The SRS control unit has failed its own internal diagnostic. Watch the light, counting flashes and estimating their duration, and read the code. If you have pulled the SRS fuse and caused your dash SRS Light to come on and stay on, this page tells you how to reset the SRS (Airbag System) on your Acura or Honda so that the bulb turns off. It shares the same features offered by AL609, but is upgraded to perform some other complex tasks like diagnosing, reading, and clearing SRS and ABS codes. Has the car been in an accident where the airbags deployed? If not, clear the SRS codes from the SRS unit to see whether they repeat. To add embedded code to a report. Solution: Replace the SRS computer and reset the system. The codes are read, again, like the engine codes, but now on the Air Bag light on the instrument cluster. 3L, I bought one of the best code readers says passenger side air bag problem resistance, history is I had the seat taken out to replace the drive motor by a person not real maechanic, tried the wire jumping method on internet and my new scanner, code would not reset, today I was thinking, since they talk about the * The Engine management fault code reader will not read SRS fault codes. E. Thanks! David To understand how we arrived at this conflicting set of guidelines we have to examine how CMS adopted the use of CPT codes (which are owned and maintained by the AMA) while developing its own software (NCCI) to regulate their use (see Modifer 59 SRS newsletter August 2016). Tire Pressure Monitoring System: OBDLink MX+ can read TPMS codes. ADVANCED version of Autel ML619/ AL619, ml629 With Multi languages options for the menu. The battery must be disconnected prior to reconnecting your module. It diagnoses the car’s system and hits up with a trouble code that defines what the problem is. Globalization has fueled an ever-rising number of imported FDA-regulated products and ingredients. Also, it has a memory backup for off-car review and analysis. For engine codes, you count the blinks on the check engine light. Red-yellow-green emission readiness LEDs indicate if the vehicle is ready to pass an emissions test, and can also help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle. Cheap price with free shipping Hi All, Is there anyone out there in the N. In Custom code, type the code. My dealer at first told me there would be a diagnostic fee but then I told him I read the SRS code and it was (whatever). Mar 21, 2018 In this article, I will tell you about the reasons why SRS light (Supplemental Read more: Best Airbag Code Readers/Scanners Review 2019  Reading SRS Codes Unfortunately, we don't all have access to OBD-II readers that also do SRS codes. It is suitable for everyone that have 1996 and newer vehicles. The car power must be off to ensure safety. I have a Bluetooth OBDII scanner and am trying to find the right PC or Android software that can read (if not reset) the SRS codes so I have an idea what to go after. Hi, past few months I had the SRS light on my 2002 Honda accord coupe EX 2. With On-Off Ratio Readout. SRS DTC Troubleshooting NEC (M2), DENSO (M1) SRS unit (Without Side Airbag Model) DTC Honda airbag trouble codes. 818. Please make sure your vehicle is listed on the supported list here: SRS supported vehicles. I didn’t want to update the autolink unit as it requires you to register he unit. The heater core was replaced so i'm assuming when they had the dash out they disconnected the air bags. The bilingual OTC 9450 OBD II scanner is designed to help you check up on your ABS and SRS (airbag system). Honda civic throwing a 9-3 code - driver's seat belt sensor has gone bad. But the only apps that I have found that actually claim to read ABS codes require the use of their proprietary bluetooth connector; these seem to be in the $100 range. I did the reset and it will just come back on a few days later. I actually was typing the return back to Amazon when I thought lets see what youtube has to offer… so reset OBDIII , turned on vehicle followed steps and bam – cleared code. Do I need a special scanner that can read those fault codes? Many thanks, Dmitriy LAUNCH X431 CRP423 OBD1 OBD2 Scanner gm can read codes from the engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission system. I have a diagnostic code 52 by useing a jumper conector. The live data is what you would expect. replace the SRS control unit. Your SRS unit will be reprogrammed to the original factory programming and function like new. I did a home test myself bout a year back pulled the codes as 1-1 and 2-1 which is an open in the inflator. Each scan tool will have different instructions on how to operate it, so read yours carefully. Most national auto parts stores will pull the codes for you for free, or you can buy one pretty cheap. Well damn. It even comes with an oil reset and EPB (electronic parking brake) reset function. A technician such as the staff provided by YourMechanic will be able to use a scan tool to retrieve the codes the SRS system has set. The Communications Committee has been successfully delivering the quarterly Newsletter of the SRS on time as before. for making sure the Airbag system works properly and safely. Hello! An airbag light will usually set due to a fault in the SRS circuit. On models equipped with on board diagnostics, depress non-locking switch to convert control unit to read on-off readout ratio codes. Click Code. how to read srs codes

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